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Publication | ReportDDP Annual Report

2O22 Annual Review

The newly launched annual report summaries the key results and milestones achieved during FY22. The overlapping crises — global inflation, geopolitical tensions, natural disasters, rise in food insecurity, COVID-19 pandemic, and rising dept — are disproportionately confronting the developing world.

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Publication | ReportDigital Economy

South Asia’s Digital Opportunity: Accelerating Growth, Transforming Lives

This report, Addressing the Gender Digital Divide: Innovation in Kamwenge, nets both the opportunities of and the bottlenecks for furthering the digital agenda. It emphasizes that the first step is to get the basics right. This includes enabling access to and adoption of high-quality affordable broadband, initiating a paradigm shift in building digital public platforms and accelerating digital financial services.

Digital Economy Diagnostic Guinea-Bissau

Publication | ReportDigital Economy

Digital Economy Diagnostic Guinea-Bissau

Many Sub-Saharan African (SSA) countries—including Guinea-Bissau—lack the requisite enabling environment to capture a larger fraction of the global digital economy or benefit from its gains and are thus at increasing risk of being left behind.


Publication | ReportInternet Access for All

Unleashing the Power of EdTech for TVET

The groundbreaking report “Unleashing the Power of Edtech for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) explores the opportunities presented by EdTech for TVET systems around the world, with particular emphasis on developing countries. EdTech for TVET is a relatively new area that focuses on the intersection of technology and TVET. As such, it is an area that it not yet supported by in-depth research and literature.

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