Data &

Data & Indicators Portfolio

DDP scales up the use of data and indicators – including big data – to benchmark and advance the readiness of client countries to reap digital dividends. Toolkits combine information on the spread of digital technologies with an assessment of the regulatory environment. They inform all DDP reform priorities.


Digital Economy Portfolio

The convergence of ICT, media, and content technologies and platforms requires a regulatory framework in support of the digital economy. DDP-funded activities seek to overhaul obsolete regulations, remove bottlenecks to the development of digital ecosystems, and foster competition. Issues of policy and regulation of the digital space to be addressed include cloud services, local content creation, open data, consumer privacy and data protection, and, more generally, the interface between digital or ICT regulations and other sector regulations.

Internet Access
for All

Internet Access for All Portfolio

Digital divide is one of the main hurdles to capturing digital dividends. DDP offers technical assistance to support client countries in enhancing their connectivity, covering matters of national policy and strategy, regulation and markets, technological standards, infrastructure sharing and development, spectrum management, taxation, gender aspects of connectivity, and regional ICT markets.


Cybersecurity Portfolio

Cybersecurity concerns grow in parallel with the adoption of digital services and infrastructure. To advance the agenda, In 2021, the Cybersecurity Associated Trust Fund was launched to focus on cybersecurity-related issues. Please visit Cybersecurity Website to learn more.


Digital Government Portfolio

E-Government models provide a signifi cant opportunity to improve service delivery, foster transparency and efficiency in public administration, and empower all citizens and entrepreneurs. DDP supports client governments in the development of digital government infrastructure platforms and shared services. Work areas include digital government leadership, public sector IT architecture and governance, data and analytics platforms, and interoperability.


Mainstreaming Digital Portfolio

Integration of advanced digital solutions in sectors such as health, education, social protection, government services and back-office systems is a key to resilient COVID-19 recovery. DDP supports mainstreaming of digital technologies across sectors via scaling-up digital and disruptive applications and fostering innovative solutions.

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